Making talent global

Our mission is to make all talent universally accessible to all businesses worldwide.
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Our values

Find out what we stand for

We strive to be a company that provides exceptional products and services and acts as a force for positive change in the world.

We are mission followers

We do everything in our power to abide by our mission, from working with each other, facing customers and vendors, operating our supply chain, and everything else.

We are problem solvers

Solving problems is our mantra. We pace ourselves to identify problems and build solutions fast, iterating through various possibilities and optimizing for the best outcome in every aspect of our business.

We are global thinkers

Whenever we do something, we always take the action that makes the most significant global impact. By doing this, we are maximizing our output in making a greater change.

We are truth seekers

Working in a fast-paced environment requires a strong will, motivation, perseverance, and mental strength. We strive to be transparent with each other to prevent any doubt and double down on our mission.
The grand plan

Taking Source global


In our first 5 years, we will establish a presence in the Southeast Asia market. We recognize this market's immense potential, especially in rapidly-growing economies like Vietnam.

APAC and the US

In our second 5 years, we will expand our focus to Asia-Pacific and the US markets. This will propel our company exponentially, and we will establish ourselves as a potential global player.


In our third 5 years, we will become a world-renowned brand. We aim to have over $300M yearly revenue, which will account for around 5% market share in the talent acquisition software space.
Employee benefits

Culture where stress is a choice

We are building a workspace we always wanted, where employee retention overpowers the typical “hiring–firing–hiring”.

Fully remote across all time zones

Work from wherever you want, whenever you want. Attend your meetings, have your deliverables, and the rest is up to you.

Four-day work week

We practice no-work Fridays to discuss work-related (or unrelated) stuff and (re-)connect with each other.

Equal universal salary

Everyone has the same salary to prevent in-house envy and competition. Raises or bonuses aren’t regular, but when they happen, everyone benefits.

Free mental health support

We partner with companies like Headspace to make employees feel stress-free and have a healthy work-life balance.

Free gym membership

Physical activities are essential to feeling good, staying focused, and keeping yourself motivated to move forward daily.

Unlimited holiday

As long as you have your deliverables ready, feel free to chill anywhere you want. Pyramids in Egypt? Onsen in Japan? Anything works.

Continuous learning

Whether it’s a course, book, ebook, or documentary, your personal development is important to us.

Online teambuilding activities

As a remote-first company, we cannot do things “outside the office”. Therefore, we naturally developed a love for video games.

Annual company retreat

We love adventure. Even if it’s just once a year, we want to make everyone meet everyone, as long as our yearly budget allows for it.

Inclusive workspace

Everyone has a place in our company, regardless of sexual orientation, color, ethnicity, religion, belief, or disability.

Sustainability-first workspace

We encourage our employees to think “Earth-first” personally but also work on making our company as sustainable as possible.

We love pets

Mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, or anthropods—we adore them all and encourage you to post them in our #pets Slack channel.
We’re hiring!

We are always looking for talented people

Hiring individuals passionate about our culture and values.