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Source is an outbound talent search engine that has over 80M qualified tech talent leads. Save time, perform better, and hire more.

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How it works

Spending thousands on outsourcing? Try Source for $49 per month and unlock a pool of millions of potential candidates instead.

Select skills

Add coding languages, technologies, or topics you are hiring for.

Find leads

Discover candidates that match your preferences the best.

Send emails

Save and email potential candidates individually or in bulk.

Talent search

Select the skills you're hiring for, and our AI will show you the best matching talent from GitHub in real-time.

Email inbox

Take a look and compare candidates' skills, GitHub activity, and more, and email them individually or in bulk.


Source combines a powerful search engine with an ever-expanding database of software developers.

Search engine

Find candidates based on their skills, employer, location, and other preferences.

Artificial intelligence

Get the best results through our complex algorithms and data analysis.

Candidate lists

See which candidates match your hiring criteria and save them to lists for later.

Relay messaging

Send emails, schedule follow-ups, track email performance, and protect your email reputation.

Data & activity

See candidates' public information, when and what they are working on, and more.

Role matching

Search by role or get recommendations on best-suited roles for a candidate.

Verified experience

Assess candidates based on their past experience and work contributions.


Connect your ATS or CRM via Zapier, or simply export candidates to a CSV file.

What people said

Talent acquisition professionals love Source and their companies are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I'm so surprised with this product. Source is a killer recruiter app.

Talent Acquisition Director

The most powerful tool for finding developers. Source is a must in every tech recruiter’s toolkit.

Technical Recruiter Specialist

I was blown away. It will surely be one of the best ROIs our company will ever make.

Co-founder, COO

Source saved me hours finding software engineers. The "Lists" feature is super useful.

HR Consultant

Source impressed me on so many different levels. You guys rock!

VP of Human Resources

It's never been easier to source developers. I literally can't believe something like this was possible.

Senior Tech Recruiter

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions you may check before getting started with Source.

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Free trial, no credit card required, cancel anytime.

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Get started today

Free trial, no credit card required, cancel anytime.

Get 50 leads free