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Hire top tech talent

Source is the world’s first Talent Data Platform (TDP) that helps you quickly source and screen the right tech talent using AI-powered skills verification, data synthesis, and talent analytics.

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Source faster, cheaper, and more

With our multi-platform data sources and AI-powered skills insights, we have reinvented tech recruitment and made it effortless.

Shorter sourcing time
Cheaper than LinkedIn Recruiter
More tech talent than LinkedIn

Semantic talent sourcing

Find the right tech talent faster than ever before

Search by using natural human language or by pasting the whole job description. Access a large pool of hidden tech talent in no time, instead of time-consuming boolean searching or using filters that enforce hard limitations.

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Personalized outreach

Automate your outreach and communication

Engage more qualified leads with auto-generated personalized emails, automated or scheduled follow-ups, and limitless bulk emails. Ditch the limitations of traditional emails and LinkedIn InMails, and transform your outreach strategy.

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Data-driven insights

Make better decisions with your talent pool and pipeline

Track candidate progression, evaluate and optimize the conversion of your emails, and review your overall performance. Get valuable insights into each talent profile, helping you to better tailor your recruitment approach.

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Empower the use cases you know

Talent sourcing

Search often hidden tech talent with a simple prompt, brief, or by pasting a job description. Source then extracts key information from your criteria to show you relevant people.

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Utilize everything Source offers

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize your approach in finding the perfect tech talent for your company.

Expand your tech talent pool

Source helps you access a pool of 5M+ tech talent profiles globally from data of 1.2B+ profiles based on various attributes like skills, work experience, education, location, and more.

Increase quality of your talent

Our proprietary matching algoritm screens tech talent based on their digital footprint in order to show you top individuals matching your search intent or job description.

Automate your workflow

By conversing with our AI, you can find tech talent, export suitable candidates to a CSV file, or generate job descriptions, talent contracts, employee onboarding documents, and more.

Reduce your sourcing time

By putting the whole tech talent digital footprint into one single place, we are able to help you reduce your time spent on various steps in your recruitment life cycle by an immense amount.

Optimize your sourcing budget

No need to pay for mediocre tools that just save LinkedIn contacts. Our self-serve platform reduces your recruitment budget while giving you the results you would not achieve in conventional ways.

Integrate with 100+ tools you know

Anytime you export a CSV, you can import it to the tools you already use today - ATS, CRM, HRIS, or anything else. We will build a Zapier integration to make this even easier in the future.

The world’s first AI-powered Talent Data Platform (TDP)

Source gives companies a deep understanding of their talent by centralizing data from multiple sources and unifying it to create a single view of each talent profile. By combining talent and company data with industry-leading artificial intelligence, we are able to make people processes more effective than ever before:

Skills-based hiring
Hiring talent from within the company
Upskilling and reskilling
Benchmarking talent against the market
Talent- and organization-wide analytics
The Source framework

Hear it from our early adopters

Get first-hand insights from our early adopters, who share their experiences and success stories with leveraging our solutions.


“It’s never been easier to source developers. I can’t believe I was still using boolean search the past couple of years. Source makes it super simple to find the right people just by using an interface similar to ChatGPT, but it can do so much more than that.”

Khanh Nguyen
TA Specialist at Uber

“At Meta, we always strive to hire the best people, and Source is great at finding those. It brings a unique twist to the current landscape of talent acquisition tools. I can see Source easily becoming a must in every TA team’s toolkit.”

Adam Stone
TABP at Meta

Revolutionize the way you source tech talent

With data protection at the core

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