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Blended team


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Blended team

Blended team is a remote working model where employees work from home or other remote locations some of the time, and come into the office for face-to-face collaboration the rest of the time.

Blended team


The goal of blended model is to create the best of both worlds – the flexibility and independence of working from home with the benefits of in-person collaboration.

This model can be beneficial for companies because it can lead to increased productivity and creativity, as well as reduced costs associated with things like office space and commuting. It can also be good for employees, who can enjoy a better work/life balance and greater flexibility in where and how they work.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you're considering implementing a blended team model. First, it's important to have clear communication and expectations around when and how employees should be available. Second, you'll need to consider how to manage workflows and projects so that everyone is on the same page. Finally, it's important to create a culture of trust and respect so that employees feel comfortable working remotely.

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