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Active candidate

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Active candidate

Active job seeker or active candidate is a job seeker who is actively looking for a job. They are usually unemployed or employed but seeking a new job. They may be actively searching for a job online, attending job fairs, or contacting companies directly.

Active candidate


A candidate is active when they are currently employed and actively seeking new opportunities. This means they are not only open to new opportunities, but are also taking steps to proactively look for new roles. This could involve attending job fairs, networking events, or working with a recruiter.

Candidates who are active are usually the most desirable to employers, as they are already employed and have proven their ability to find new opportunities. This makes them a low-risk hire, as they are less likely to need extensive training or onboarding. Active candidates are also usually more engaged in their job search, and as a result, are more likely to accept a job offer.

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