Email inbox

A preview of the email inbox feature in Source

The email inbox is a feature that provides recruiters with a powerful and streamlined way to manage their communication with job candidates. With this feature, recruiters can send emails, schedule follow-ups, and manage all of their communication with candidates from a single channel, making the hiring process more efficient and effective.

Recruiters can use this feature to send personalized emails to candidates, using templates or drafting custom messages. This enables recruiters to communicate with candidates in a timely and professional manner, without the need for multiple email accounts or a separate email client.

Recruiters can also use the email inbox to schedule follow-up emails and reminders. This ensures that candidates receive timely responses and that recruiters can keep track of their communication with each candidate throughout the hiring process.

The email inbox also allows recruiters to organize their communication into folders or labels, making it easy to find specific messages or candidates. This feature ensures that recruiters can easily reference previous communications and have a comprehensive view of their candidate interactions.

The email inbox can be also integrated with other recruitment software, such as applicant tracking systems or candidate relationship management tools, allowing recruiters to manage all of their communication from a single platform.

Overall, the email inbox is a feature that enables recruiters to manage their communication with candidates in a more efficient and effective manner, streamlining the hiring process and improving the candidate experience.

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