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Recruitment glossary

The most extensive glossary of definitions used in the recruitment industry.

Turnover rate

Turnover rate is a percentage that represents the number of employees who leave an organization within a certain time frame.

Annualized hours

Annualized hours are the total number of hours worked in a year, divided by the number of weeks in a year.

Human capital

Human capital is the term used to describe the sum total of an individual’s skills, abilities, knowledge and experience. When it comes to recruitment, human capital is an important factor to consider when looking for the best candidates for a role. The best candidates are those who have the right skills, abilities and experience for the job, and who also fit in with the company’s culture.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a system that automates the hiring process. It allows employers to post job openings and track applicants. It also allows applicants to track their progress through the hiring process.

site: operator

The "site:" operator is a Google search operator that allows you to search for results from a specific website. For example, if you wanted to search for results from the website, you would use the following search query: "".

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